• Dallas ISD Reentry Playbook for Parents and Staff

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    Reentry Information for Parents and Staff

  • This Education Evolution page lays out the district’s plans to reopen and operate schools to ensure the safety of students and campus staff amid the continuing challenge of COVID-19.  It lists plans for campus reentry developed with the input and recommendations from government officials, health authorities, teachers, parents and district educators. The content is meant to inform parents and community members about the many safeguards the district is putting into place as schools open during the ongoing pandemic. In addition to in-school learning, Dallas ISD is considering offering at-home virtual learning for families that are interested. This page will be continually updated with additional information.

    The Dallas ISD Board of Trustees on July 23 approved moving the start date to Sept. 8. Go here to learn more.

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  • How will Dallas ISD keep students and staff safe when school reopens?

  • How will teachers and staff be screened?

  • What safety/hygiene equipment will be available for students, staff and visitors?

  • What precautions will be taken at the bus stop and on the school bus?

  • Will students be screened again when they enter the school?

  • What safety equipment will students have in the classroom?

  • Can students go to the cafeteria, gym, and other open spaces?

  • How will elementary students participate in specials, such as PE, music, gifted/talented classes and art?

  • How will students be protected at recess?

  • What precautions will be taken for secondary students?

  • Will students wear face masks or shields to the cafeteria?

  • Will secondary students change classrooms during the day?

  • Will assemblies be held?

  • Will the school day be longer to allow for safety measures?

  • What kind of training will be provided for students and staff to educate them on safety procedures?

  • How will the district handle cleaning for buses, classrooms, and other shared spaces?

  • What other safety procedures will be implemented?

  • Will parents be notified if there is a positive case at their child’s school?