• General Information

       At Edward H. Cary Middle School, our mission is to provide a safe, secure learning environment in which students can cultivate their academic talents to achieve success as lifelong learners. We see our faculty as facilitators, delivering rigorous curriculum to our students with an eye to real world relevance based on collaborative, mentoring relationships.

       We consistently challenge our students to perform at their highest possible level and reach to realize their potential. Over the past several years we have created and implemented a research-driven environment. Our professional learning communities and grade-level teams consistently use collaborative planning time to ensure student success.  Our school, family, and community are the spokes of the wheel all focused on the students in the middle and helping them move forward to a better education and future. We encourage parent  involvement during school , PTA, and also with our after-school programs.

     It is going to take everyone working and pulling together but we know that if we 
     DREAM IT, BELIEVE IT, then we can and will ACHIEVE IT.