• Are you needing to enroll or register? Reset your password? Request Technology? Need a hotspot?  This is the place to get your information.  Download the one-page Quick Reference Guide and/or review the info below.

    Parent Portal Login – Enrollment and Registration
    Link: https://dallasisd.powerschool.com/public/home.html. Forgot Username/Password?
    Click on Forgot Username/Password. (How-to Video at https://youtu.be/AFa7YHpsDJI)
    The Access ID / Password can be requested from the school. If you’re new to SBM, please
    contact Mrs. Randle at perandle@dallasisd.org or call 972-925-5915.

    Powerschool – Access to schedules and more!
    Link: https://dallasisd.powerschool.com/public/home.html  (Enter EAD Username and Password)

    District Student Email www.outlook.com/stumail.dallasisd.org
    Enter EAD Username and Password

    Laptops – Contact the campus at (972) 925-5920 or email camathis@dallasisd.org.
    A laptop distribution date is coming. Need access to your laptop? The temporary password is Disd$2021

    Hotspots – 3 ways to request one. A device will be mailed to the address on file.

    1. Fill out the interest form at dallasisd.org/hotspotrequest

    2. Contact the school at 972-925-5920.

    3. Call IT at 972-925-5630.

    Google Join Codes (Google Chrome is the preferred browser)
    Teachers will email students the “join codes” before September 8.

    Zoom Codes
    Teachers will email students the “join codes” before September 8.

    Schedule change requests (beginning 09/10/20)
    Request can be sent to the counselors at https://flowto.it/dmPM4KmP?fc=0
    (Schedule changes are made on availability of courses, if course is a duplicate course,
    if course is needed for graduation and/or if student is missing a class period.)

    Policy: At the beginning of the school year, some schedule adjustments are necessary
    due to courses taken in summer school,
    omission of required courses, course conflicts,
    or other unique circumstances. However, student requests for changes other than for
    meeting requirements or correcting errors should be completed within the first ten days
    of each semester. All other individual or
    mass changes require approval from the
    executive director.

    Are you locked out of Google or Powerschool? Please follow instructions below. 
    Powerschool: Go to password.dallasisd.org. Sign in using your ID and password you use to log into the PC, google, etc. You
    may be asked to update your security questions. If so, complete them and then click CHANGE PASSWORD at the top. This will update your password for all services (Google, PC, and Powerschool).

    Google: Go to password.dallasisd.org. Sign in using your ID and the Password you use to login to PCs, Google , etc. If you are prompted that your password has expired, follow the prompts to reset it.

    If you are still unable to sign in, wait 20 minutes and try again. Your account may be LOCKED. If after 20 minutes and still not able to sign in call the TECHNOLOGY HOTLINE at (972) 925-5630.

    SBM HOW-TO Quick Reference Guide