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    Students and Future Cadets, your participation in this program shows your willingness to make the most of your tenure while pursuing a high school education. Whatever your reason for taking this course, every member of Army JROTC is special and brings a different cultural dimension to the program. We are proud that you elected to be a part of a unique team, a team of winners! 

    Big corporations and employers spend millions of dollars training their employees to acquire the skills and disciplines High School Students will have access just by joining the JROTC. The JROTC program is designed to make students excel not only while in High School, but for life after it. Students will be equipped with valuable life-lesson-moments that will place them in advantage over thousands of other young people who are seeking their place in the world.

    The JROTC curriculum aims to develop Cadets’ Citizenship, Character, Leadership Traits, Responsibility, Courage, Self-Respect, Loyalty, etc. All these get accomplished through Cadet participation in community service, drill and ceremonies, and traditional as well as innovative educational programs. They get the opportunity to learn interviewing skills, dressing for success, Resume preparation, and many other tools for life. The JROTC program will provide with Uniforms, and any necessary equipment to make students succeed. Students will have the opportunity to gather in formations where they learn to work as a team and build pride in their uniforms as they get inspected. The JROTC is also big in helping students improve their physical fitness thru various events throughout the scholar year. During the Summer break, there is a camping event, the JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge, for selected cadets based on their interest and performance while in the program. At the end of the year, cadets will have their own Award Ceremony for their accomplishments during the school year.

    Finally, while in JROTC you will learn a wide range of life skills for success in high school, work, and family, more importantly life after high school. You will participate in social events, drill competitions, field trips, and other special activities. You will learn to be a productive and valued citizen in your community.



    Orlando DelgadoMaldonado

    LTC (Ret), United States Army

    Senior Army Instructor, Seagoville High School