• We are a school where student achievement is our #1 priority.  We know that guiding principles of thriving schools are:

    • Strength of our relationships will predict our achievement.
    • Schools with aligned practices, or systems for management, make progress faster and stronger.

    This requires TRUST.  Stephen R. Covey, in his book The Speed of Trust, points out key elements that inspire trust:

    • Declare our intent so that we win
    • Show our capabilities so that value is added to our organization
    • Demonstrate results and a solid track record to keep our team together

    We are committed to ensuring that our mission of providing strong leadership, effective teaching, and high expectations for learning, are a strong part of our school culture. We remind ourselves daily of what it means to build that culture and do not assume that our students know this. We have reinvested ourselves in our school community and support of each other.

    In continuing the work of transforming our culture and climate, we focus on our current systems in order to get us the results we needed faster.  We are committed to ensuring daily instruction is aligned, routines and structures are tight, and that we remain positive and inspiring.  By inspiring trust, we continue to develop and strengthen our credibility with our school community which is helping us sustain a lasting relationship of trust and continue the work of transforming our campus into a thriving school.

    Sharri C. Zachary, Principal

    Elisha M. Pease Elementary School