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    Quick Facts

    Principal: Stephanie Amaya

    Assistant Principals: 

    Victoria Gardner 

    Michael Gee  

    Oscar Rodriguez

    Daisy Rivera

    Grade Levels: 9-12

    Trustee: Ben Mackey

    Trustee District: District 7

    School Division/Feeder Pattern: Adamson High School Feeder Pattern

    Mission Statement:
    As a unified force, we will implement student-centered best practices and systems for accountability to close achievement gaps.

    Vision Statement:
    Adamson empowers life-long learners who are prepared to reach their full potential and be competitive in a 21st century society.

    Uniform Colors: Uniforms

    School Colors:  Royal Blue and White

    Mascot: Leopard

    Special Programs:
    • Academy of Finance
    • Academy of Health Sciences
    • Automotive Technology Career Institute South
    • IB Coming Soon!
    • Dual Language Coming Soon!

    Collegiate Academy:

    WH Adamson P-TECH at Dallas College, EL Centro Campus [in partnership with American Airlines and I.B.M]