• Meet Our Principal!

    Dear W.E. Greiner Family and Community,

    It has been my pleasure to serve you as your Principal for the past six years.  I have been an educator in the Dallas ISD for 21 years and have served as a principal at both the elementary and middle school levels.  I am also a proud product of the Dallas Independent School District, having attended elementary (Winnetka), middle (W. E. Greiner), and high school (Skyline) within the district.  Both of my parents were also educators, giving me a holistic background in both teaching in multiple levels and becoming an administrator.  

    I have dedicated my teaching and administrative career to the students of the Dallas Independent School District. It has honestly been an honor and privilege to be part of a system I grew up in. After attending college and returning to my neighborhood community to teach theatre arts at Stockard Middle School, I later became an administrator at a nearby campus. I served three years at W. E. Greiner as an associate principal. As an associate principal, I was given the opportunity to work with the curriculum and cooperatively learn with other teachers about how we would increase student achievement on our campus. In 2007, I was given the opportunity to lead my own campus. For five years, I was given the challenge of molding the minds of teachers, changing the accountability standards for the campus, and developing collaborative teams that respected each other at Lida Hooe Elementary School. I was proud to be within an environment where teachers and staff challenged each other to do and be the best for our well-deserved students. 

    As an educator, I have been given the opportunity to touch lives, challenge young minds, and create a greater future for others. My vision as a leader is to have high expectations of everyone and to do whatever it takes to ensure students achieve. I am passionate about seeing beyond the PreK- 12 campus and envisioning where the students should be beyond graduation. I also believe that in education there are many stakeholders that invest in our student's future. I strongly believe in creating environments, whether it’s in the classrooms, or the entire school building, that encourage all to understand we are on the same team, rooting harmoniously. Developing those stakeholders, whether they are parents or custodians, is crucial in creating situations that allow for our students to see beyond the classroom door. We need to empower all who work with students, lead them to believe in closing the gaps, achievement, or social standings, and work with each other on developing the same goals. 

    I look forward to serving you and this community to the best of my ability.  I am proud to be a Yellow Jacket, GAMECHANGER, and Principal of this amazing school. 


    Yvonne D. Rojas, Principal

    W.E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy

    Ms. Rojas

    Ms. Yvonne Rojas