• As a part of Skyline P.R.I.D.E., and to better support safety protocols on campus, we have updated student expectations and student dress code requirements.  

    (All clothing must fit appropriately.  Clothing with offensive slogans, symbols, or messages is not permitted.)

     Basic Uniform Requirements

    Slacks & Pants

    • Pleated or flat in the front
    • Full length
    • Fastened at the waist
    • Without holes, rips, or tears
    • Belt must be worn with pants that have belt loops
    • Skirts, Jumpers, Shorts, Capri Pants must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee
      • Leggings may only be worn UNDER skirts or shorts, not by themselves
    • Acceptable solid colors: Black, Khaki, or Navy Blue
    • Sweat pants, jeggings, pajama bottoms, and jeans (any color) do not meet uniform requirements


    • Polo, button-down, or turtleneck collar styles
    • Long or short sleeves
    • Tucked into pants or skirt
    • Acceptable solid colors: Black, Red, White, or Navy Blue
    • T-shirts of any style, including undershirts worn alone, do not meet uniform requirements


    • Can be any color
    • All District-issued school jackets are permitted
    • Must be worn over an approved shirt and appropriately sized
    • Hoodies must not cover the student’s head or face while in the school building

    Jackets containing offensive slogans, symbols, and other suggestive or controversial designs are not allowed.


    • All Shoes must have a closed toe, and a closed heel in order to be acceptable.
    • Acceptable shoes: athletic shoes, loafers, dress shoes, ballet flats
      • Other closed-toe and closed-heel shoes
      • Closed-toe, open-heeled mules are acceptable
    • Slippers, flip-flops, house shoes, slides, open-toe shoes, sandals, and Crocks ARE NOT permitted as they pose safety risks

    ID Badges

    • All Students & Staff are required to wear their ID Badges at all times


    • Bookbags should be made of clear or mesh material

    Jeans & T-shirts

    •  Skyline Spirit T-Shirts and Sport Jerseys are permitted only on designated spirit days
    • Jeans are only permitted on days designated by school administration