We, the coaches at Boude Storey LEAD STEAM Academy, are excited about you joining the Boude Storey Family!

    Boude Storey’s Mission Statement:

    Do What’s Right and Do Your Best!

    Goals for the 2023-2024Seasons:

    • 100% passing rate- is it extremely important that our student-athletes are cognizant that they are students first. NO PASS, NO PLAY!

    • Pay attention to detail- everything we do must be done with 100% effort. 

    • Buy into the programs- this year is filled with positive changes to our program. 

    • Positivity- we need a lot of positive energy from everyone to make a difference in how we go about being the best team and program in the district. 

    • Championships, winning, and success- These things do not happen by accident. Preparation, communication, and execution will be the foundation of Boude Storey’s Athletics Program. 

    Circuit Breaker School


    Every student-athlete and

    parent should aspire to

    continue this

    “Tradition of Excellence”…