SEM Virtual Club Fair 2021-2022

  • Every SEM student must be enrolled in at least 1 extra curricular activity.

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    SEM students: Do you want to start noncurricular-related SEM student club?

    Note: it must be student driven and all of the below must be met. 


    Students: you will need to find an SEM teacher sponsor who is willing to sponsor your club and attend all meetings and activities (includes any virtual meetings) of your student club.

    1. You (student) will then furnish club bylaws (to include club plan of operation, teacher sponsor name, elections, positions, meeting location and times, etc.) to your teacher sponsor. 
    2. Your teacher sponsor will assist and provide the first approval of your bylaws.
    3. Your teacher sponsor will meet with Mr. Palacios for final approval.

    Your proposal is subject to the following regulations:

    1. The meeting shall be voluntary and initiated by a student enrolled at Townview. Depending on who the teacher sponsor is - that's the principal who will approve, i.e. if an SEM teacher agrees to sponsor then the Principal of SEM will receive your request.
    2. The meeting shall be held during noninstructional time within the normal duty day for personnel.
    3. There shall be no sponsorship of the meeting by the school. Your teacher sponsor shall be present aall the meetings and activities only in a non-participatory capacity.
    4. The meeting shall not materially and substantially interfere with the orderly conduct of educational activities within the school.
    5. The meeting shall not result in additional or special student transportation provided at District expense.
    6. Nonschool persons may not initiate, direct, conduct, or control such meetings. Nonschool persons may not attend meetings more than once each six-week period.
    7. School employees shall not participate or be present at such meetings except for custodial or monitoring purposes.
    8. Nothing in this regulation shall be construed to limit the authority of the school or its employees to maintain order and discipline on school premises; to protect the well-being of students and faculty; and to ensure that attendance of students at meetings is voluntary.
    9. Your teacher sponsor shall be present aall on-campus activities. 
    10. Your teacher sponsor shall be notified in writing at least 72 hours in advance of the time of the meeting and the names of adult guests by the student(s) who is initiating the meeting. Notify principal accordingly.
    11. The principal shall assign the specific space (including virtual platforms) to be used for the meeting and shall approve in writing the use of the space to the initiating student(s).
    12. Appropriate notices of such meetings may be handled in the usual manner for advertising nonschool-sponsored activities.
    13. The teacher sponsor shall keep a log of all such meetings, indicating the place and time of meetings and be ready to provide to principal upon request.
    14. The cost of repair of any damage to District property (teachers’ or students’) incurred during such meetings shall be borne by the person(s) responsible and may result in denial of future access to the building.