1. Complete the application at dallasisd.org/choosedallasisd

    2. Receive e-mail confirmation of Application Submission.

    3. Receive e-mail confirmation of applicant eligibility, e-Portfolio requirements, and Interview/Assessment Appointment Date.  All e-mail communication is sent to the parent e-mail on file.  We will also send the e-mail to the student's e-mail if it is listed on the application also.

    4. Submit E-Portfolio 4 days prior to attending the Assessment/Interview Date

    5. Attend Assessment/Interview on Campus. This will be on campus, but it will be virtual. The interviewer and interviewee will be located in separate rooms. 

    6. Wait for Letter of Approval - Estimated March/April 2021


    For students who have already received the Eligibility and Interview e-mail, please read the information below. 


    The information below will guide you in the process to participate in the assessments.  Please review carefully and click on the hyperlinks for more information.

    2021-2022 SBM Application Process - Preparing for the ePortfolio, Interview, Essay and Resume.

    Hybrid School Schedule - Article to read and study for the Interview and Essay. You will need to understand the article and be able to talk about it and write about it. 

    Writing Tips - Practice Questions that Follow the Article for the Interview and Essay

    Resume Writing Tips - What your resume should include


    Sample Resume

    ePortfolio - What is an ePortfolio? An e-portfolio is a Google site that provides us information about yourself. This will capture a small bit of information of you as a student, your history and your interest in the School of Business and Management. This e-portfolio is required to be completed at least 4 days prior to your interview date. The approximate time needed for the portfolio is 1-1.5 hours. 


    To Create a Google site follow the steps below.


       >> HOW-TO VIDEO <<

       >> TEMPLATE <<  You MUST make a copy of the template before you add files.  Also, all files that are uploaded must have a shared setting of " Viewable to anyone with the link" or "Viewable to anyone in DISD". Please contact us via email at sherreraromero@dallasisd.org or livallejo@dallasisd.org if you need help.  


    SBM Dress Code - How to Dress for your Interview

    Student Application Rubric - How it all adds up!