• Strategic Board Games

    Teaching board game strategies, such as checkers, chess, contraption building, force and motion sets, math games, brain quest, etc.

    Who: 2nd-4th Grades

    When: Tuesdays, Weekly

    Contact: Lorie Young, LoYoung@dallasisd.org 


    Coloring Club

    Student exercise creativity while learning about colors and developing their fine motor skill.

    Who: PreK-1st Grades

    When: Monday, Bi-Weekly

    Contact: Dawndra Barnes, dawbarnes@dallasisd.org

    Adriana Diaz, adrdiaz@dallasisd.org


    Math Club

    Math Club is a group of people getting together to play with math. The group may play math games, create art with math, or practice puzzles or riddles that use math to find the solution.

    Who: 3rd-5th Grades

    When: Bi-Weekly, Thursdays

    Contact: Cindy Diaz, cidiaz@dallasisd.org


    Drama Club

    The Drama Club is a reading group who read aloud and learn about the genre of Drama. Students will engage in reading a variety of plays to foster a love of reading and build up reading skills.

    Who: 5th Grade

    When: Bi-Weekly, Tuesdays

    Contact: Grace Alvarez, galvarez@dallasisd.org 


    Outdoor Club

    Students engage in outdoor activities and engage in the planning and implementation of games and events that take place outdoors!

    Who: Kinder-1st Grade

    When: Bi-Weekly, Mondays

    Contact: Elizabeth Diaz-Velez, ediazvelez@dallasisd.org


    Science Explorers!

    Engage in activities and age-appropriate experiments to deepen a love and understanding of science! 

    Who: 2nd-3rd Graders

    When: Bi-Weekly, Mondays

    Contact: Ashley Smith, ashleysmith2@dallasisd.org


    Coding Club

    Students learn computer science and coding, and participate in global coding events.

    Who: 2nd-3rd Grades

    When: Thursdays, Weekly

    Contact: Maribel Ortiz, MARIBORTIZ@dallasisd.org 

                   Nancy Arteaga-Gonzalez, NARTEAGAGONZALEZ@dallasisd.org 


    Gardening Club

    Students learn about nature and plant life-cycles by engaging in gardening tasks that also beautify the campus. 

    Who: 1st Grade

    When: Bi-Weekly, Fridays

    Contact: Lisa Tarantino, ltarantino@dallasisd.org


    Animal Care Club

    Students learn about the care and upbringing of various animals. They will explore career opportunities related to animals. Students will coordinate and participate in advocacy programs and material donations for area animal service agencies.

    Who: 1st-2nd Graders

    When: Bi-Weekly, Thursdays

    Contact: Maribel Ortiz, maribortiz@dallasisd.org

    Veronica Rojas, vrojas@dallasisd.org


    Environment Explorers

    Students learn about caring for the planet and participate in recycling projects that help them to understand the impact of consumption and waste in our world.

    Who: PreK-1st Grades

    When: Bi-Weekly, Fridays

    Contact: Veronica Rojas, vrojas@dallasisd.org


    Dungeons & Dragons Club

    Students will be roleplaying a character they have created, working together to overcome fantasy creatures and daring adventures.

    Who: 5th-8th Grades

    When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, Weekly

    Contact: Jeromy Nelson, JENELSON@dallasisd.org 


    Knitting Club

    Students learn to knit. This club occurs in the morning, NOT after-school.

    Who: 3rd-5th Grades

    When: Thursdays, Weekly

    Contact: Jamie Nelson, JAMINELSON@dallasisd.org 


    Asian Cultures Club

    Students learn about other cultures through exploration of activities, foods, and traditions from around the Asian continent.

    Who: 4th-8th Grades

    When: Bi-Weekly, Mondays

    Contact: Kiran Chaturvedi, kchaturvedi@dallasisd.org


    Lego Club

    A club to engage innovative thinkers in engineering design challenges, using Legos!

    Who: PreK-3rd Grades

    When: Tuesdays, Weekly

    Contact: Allen Edwards, aedwardsii@dallasisd.org

    Ashley Smith, ashleysmith2@dallasisd.org


    Pride Excellence

    This club is for LGBTQ+ students and allies to celebrate community and engage in Social Justice projects.

    Who: 5th-8th Grades

    When: Thursdays, Weekly

    Contact: Shelby Jackson, SHELJACKSON@dallasisd.org 


    Science SEL

    Students engage in activities that explore creativity through science, focusing on tactile experiments that help calm and focus the mind and allow students to build community.

    Who: 6th-8th Grades

    When: Thursdays, Weekly

    Contact: Heather Houston, hhouston@dallasisd.org


    Songwriting Club

    Available to students involved in a music class (Band, Piano, Orchestra), students will learn about popular music forms, harmonic progressions, instrumentation, and writing melodies and lyrics. Projects would include individuals writing their own music. Performances would be up to the individual. Recording and producing songs may be an option.

    Who: 6th-8th Grades

    When: Fridays, Weekly

    Contact: Avinda DeSilva, ADESILVA@dallasisd.org 



    Students will creating a monthly newspaper, writing articles and taking pictures about our school, our community and our world.

    Who: 6th-8th Grades

    When: Mondays, Bi-Weekly

    Contact: Sam Guzman, samguzman@dallasisd.org


    Student Council

    Students try their hand at civics while supporting the campus through works of service and community building events.

    Who: 4th-8th Grades

    When: Thursdays, Weekly

    Contacts: Allen Edwards, aedwardsii@dallasisd.org

    Peju Okolo, aokubanjo@dallasisd.org 



    Students create the yearbook for the school, while learning how to take and edit photos and videos and write journalistic articles.

    Who: 6th-8th Grades

    When: Thursdays, Weekly

    Contact: Sam Guzman, SAMGUZMAN@dallasisd.org