Principal Hicks-Foster
  • Welcome to the Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy. IDEA offers students a rigorous and forward-looking education in Entrepreneurship and Information technology that provides opportunities for students to earn Industry certificates, Micro Certifications, college credits while building, launching and scaling a business for impact.  IDEA is a great place to explore all fields of study that educate the whole person and open doors to careers that make a difference because we believe in providing a one size fits one approach to education. 

    The hallmark feature of IDEA is its intellectual diversity and breadth of learning. Students encounter exciting courses and programs throughout the IDEA curriculum. First year seminars, shark tank pitches, business industry mentors, internships and research opportunities are just some of our offerings. At IDEA, we understand that narrow career preparation results in one thing: narrowness of mind. In today's complex world, the best education is one that prepares students for the unexpected by fostering creativity, flexibility, curiosity and innovation. This requires an education that is responsive to the challenges of our twenty-first century world. IDEA faculty is committed to helping students learn how to meet the challenges of our times -- locally and globally -- by creating opportunities inside and outside the classroom to better prepare students for responsible citizenship, personal measures of success, as well as traditional measures that prepare them for post secondary success whether college or in the DFW Start Up Scene.

    I invite you to learn more about the amazing opportunity we are extending to DFW youth innovators to solve some of today's largest problems by using a human-centered design process to develop solutions to real problems facing society. It is with great pleasure that I travel with our school family on journey as we (students and faculty) all work to seek justice, search for truth, have empathy, think critically, communicate effectively, serve humbly and compassionately in support of human dignity and the common good. I am proud to be working with a community of innovators who are powering possibilities of future changemakers with passion, empathy, and purpose. I am proud to be a part of the Wolfpack family. If you want to innovate for impact our family is waiting for you. Join the #Wolfpack! 


    "For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack."- Rudyard Kipling


    Kim Hicks-Foster 
    Principal, Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy