• Oops! My child forgot something; what do I do?: forgotten items may be dropped off in the Front Office no later than 10 am. After 10 am, we will only accept glasses, hearing aids, and medicine. We have loaner devices for students if they forget their technology.


    It's my child's birthday; can I bring treats?: treats for birthday celebrations may be brought but need to be delivered prior to the 10 am cutoff for delivering items to campus. Please keep the following things in mind when planning birthday treats:

    1. Items should be individually wrapped or separated (such as cupcakes in a cupcake pan) and store bought.

    2. No treat bags, balloons, or other types of celebratory deliveries are allowed (Tiff's Treats, Crumbls, etc...)

    3. Treats are handed out at the end of the school day; they cannot be brought into the Cafeteria during lunch periods due to Federal guidelines.

    4. Please remember common allergies when determining what to send. Teachers are instructed to send treats home with students if they, or the campus, are unsure about the treat's potential to trigger an allergic reaction.


     We are moving; what do I do?: Please notify the Registrar as soon as possible that you will. Like enrollment, there is paperwork involved with leaving which must be completed. We will also need the student's technology, charger included, returned as well as any library books.