John Leslie Patton, Jr. Academic Center

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    Our focus at John Leslie Patton, Jr. Academic Center is a high quality customized educational experience for each individual student.

    The students we serve arrive as over-age and under-credited in comparison to their grade level peers. Each of our students find themselves in a different place in life that has brought them to our Non-Traditional setting; their presence is proof of their resiliency. We exist to honor and support their persistence and perseverance in continuing their education by developing our young adult learners into empowered leaders.

    We believe each of our students has untapped potential for great success in school and in life. Therefore, we aim to graduate students with a high school diploma, career certification, prepared for college admission, or even with college credit. Students receive guidance in analyzing their needs for graduation and attaining their life goals. In order to best support the needs of our students, our campus calendar offers a specialized 9-week grading cycle and for students who are employed, flexible scheduling is available.