Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Maribel Roca

Maribel Roca is our  Parent Instructor/Community Liaison. Ms. Roca has held various positions in education over the past decade, including several years in the classroom as a substitute teacher, instructional assistant, and teacher. Ms. Roca is dedicated to helping students achieve success while ensuring that their families are fully involved in the educational process. Ms. Roca holds a BA in History from Rutgers University and MPH from Tulane University.

Prior to her career in education, Ms. Roca worked in a variety of roles for community health organizations, world-class retailers, and global financial firms. When she is not working, she often does gardening, crocheting, or watching her daughter play soccer. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in New Jersey, Ms. Roca currently lives in Dallas with her daughter, her husband, four cats, and a dog.