• Boredom Busters
     Bored and want something fun to do? Click on the links below to find an abundance of activities and games that will keep you entertained. Double your pleasure you might learn something too!

    Pre-K / Kinder
    1st Grade
    Nick Jr.

    Orisinal            Starfall
    PBS Kids           Sesame Street
    Sheppard Software Preschool
    Disney Jr.

    NASA Kids

    Polly Pocket
    Peter Rabbit            Starfall

    Nick Jr.   

    2nd/3rd Grades

    4th/5th Grades

    Prongo.com                Primary Games

    Knowledge Adventure

    Computer Lab 4 Kids- 3rd Grade                     PBS Kids

    Kids Know It Network

    Math Games
    Stately Knowledge
    Just Kids Games
    Utah Educational Network   
     Boy Computer