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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Thomas

The best part of my job is to empower students to overcome any personal obstacles that would stand in the way of students being successful in academic areas as well as social emotional learning.  I have been an educator for over thirty years.  I have a bachelor’s degree in education, and I am a certified teacher.  In addition, I have a master’s degree in guidance counseling, and I am a certified school counselor.  I have worked for thirty years with Dallas ISD, so I believe that I have not only helped shape the minds of students, but also the entire families.  I have learned to interpret standardized tests, make referrals to many different services, and improve the communication skills with students. I have tried to have a continuous development of my guidance-counseling program, so creative thinking is a must. I strive to facilitate and support the academic, career, personal and social development of all students. Further, my goal is to enhance and contribute to students’ academic achievement and learning to ensure that all students are successful and prepared for the future. Therefore, I worked collaboratively with students, parents, staff, and community professionals to maximize student educational achievement.  Serving as SST Chair, MTSS Chair and Section 504 Chair ensures that I am aware of what is going on with my students in these areas throughout the school year. I try to be an integral part of our school team by being committed, collaborative, and reliable when working on tasks. It was important to me to create a caring climate.  My golden rule of believing in my students more than they believe in themselves has proven to be an amazing way to contribute to their lifelong emotional and social health.