• Principal Munves

    Rosemont Upper Principal | 3rd-8th

    Stephanie Munves | smunves@dallasisd.org | 972-749-5000

    Stephanie Munves joins Rosemont Upper from the Woodrow Wilson vertical team where she served Dallas ISD students and families for thirteen years. She has spent her entire career partnering with active communities to support equity for all students and the overall student experience. She is committed to continuing that partnership at Rosemont Upper.  Ms. Munves is passionate about building vision and believes that fostering growth and positive change starts with relationships. She is most inspired by the opportunity to prepare students to charge forward in their education and develop their individual voices.

    When Ms. Munves was in the third grade, she decided she wanted to be a teacher and she never wavered in her choice. As she’s grown into her career, she’s realized that her desire to teach and now to lead is grounded in a desire to create an environment of trust where every child feels safe, loved, and ready to learn. She’s deeply committed to ensuring that all students have access to the power and potential that a high quality education provides.

    Ms. Munves grew up in Dallas and is the youngest of four children.  Aside from education, Stephanie enjoys any opportunity to connect with people and spend quality time with family, friends, and her dog-child, Clementine. She thrives with a balance of coffee, Peloton, and explores the world whenever possible.  Ms. Munves is thrilled to partner together to ensure that Rosemont Upper is a premier choice for Dallas ISD families. 


    Together, we charge forward. 



    Executive Principal of Rosemont Campuses | PK-8

    Marco Barker | mabarker@dallasisd.org| 972-502-3850
    In the summer of 2004, Marco Barker became an educator in Dallas Independent School District immediately after receiving his bachelor’s degree from Paul Quinn College. In 2013, he graduated from Southern Methodist University, where he obtained his master’s degree in Educational Administration becoming a campus administrator in the fall of 2013.  For the past three years, Mr. Barker has had the pleasure of serving as the proud principal of Rosemont Elementary and Middle Schools.
    Mr. Barker was born in San Andres Island (Colombia). He moved to Dallas, Texas in 2000 to further his education. Mr. Barker believes that every child can learn. Therefore, it is his responsibility as an educator to provide an environment in which ALL students can thrive and reach their maximum potential.
    Mr. Barker is a kindhearted and compassionate leader. He believes that education is the greatest equalizer and effective leadership is the key to success in every aspect of our lives. In his spare time, he enjoys motorcycles, scuba diving, and playing basketball.