• Academies & Pathways

    Business and Marketing Pathway
    Advisor: Mrs. Syverson bsyverson@dallasisd.org

    The Academy of Business and Marketing will provide students exposure to careers in the business and marketing fields. This academy also offers opportunities to work in either a marketing or business environment their junior and senior year. All concepts surrounding the world of work will be experienced in and out of the classroom.

    NAF Academies

    Academy of Engineering- 
    Advisor: Nick Hademenos (nhademenos@dallasisd.org)
    The Academy of Engineering will prepare all students for world-changing engineering opportunities through project-based learning and will provide a technilogy driven educational environment to allow for life-changing experiences.

    Academy of Information Technology 

    Advisor: Dwayne Dorsey (ddorsey@dallasisd.org)

    Academy of Health Science
    Advisor: Laurent Pelletier (lapelletier@dallasisd.org)

    Pathway of Visual and Performing Arts
    Advisor: Mrs. Rinella hrinella@dallasisd.org

    The goal of the Pathway of Visual and Performing Arts is to not only hold students to a high academic standard but to cultivate, maintain, and appreciate an understanding of the performing arts in preparation for advancement to college and career opportunities. Students will benefit from the smaller learning community concept with emphasis on project-based learning, real world applications, and career opportunities in the performing arts field. In addition, students will participate in compensated internships and mentoring activities.