Counselor's Corner

    Iris Melman 

    Ms. Mellman

    Iris Mellman


    Hogg New Tech Center1144 N. Madison Ave


    Hi! I am Ms. Iris Mellman, the counselor at Hogg New Tech.

    I love to promote the academic, personal, and social-emotional development of all my students. I am here to support you and our Hogg family. All you have to do is “reach out!”

    I provide valuable services to our students. These include individual counseling to help a student with a particular situation or issue, small group counseling to help students improve self-esteem and developmental guidance classes. I work with students weekly and discuss developmentally appropriate topics, such as friendship, trustworthiness, respect, responsible decision-making, wellness, self-esteem, bullying prevention and intervention, college and career readiness, test anxiety, transitioning to the next grade level, and many more topics.

    I am available to help parents help their children. I want to be an integral piece in helping our children reach their fullest potential to maximize their individual academic achievements.