• ACP (Assessment of Course Performance) tests will begin next week. These exams measure how much your student learned during the first semester in each of their classes. It is very important that your child studies, gets enough sleep, eats breakfast (at school or at home), and comes to school prepared. 

    • Students must have a DISTRICT ISSUED laptop to take the assessments each day, Tuesday-Friday.
    • Students are responsible for bringing their laptop fully charged to school each day (they should also bring chargers as a backup).
    • Students who do not come prepared may have to stay after school and take more than two tests in a day.

    There will be early dismissal (1:10 PM) on Tuesday, December 14th - Friday, December 17. Buses will depart by 1:20. Campus should be cleared by 1:30. Please make arrangements to pick-up your child.

    Per DISD Policy, smart devices such as phones, watches, and tablets are not required for testing and will be collected before testing begins. If a phone is used or discovered during testing, it will be confiscated and the student’s test may be invalidated. 

    Click here to see the Greiner Way ACP slides.

    Monday, December 13th -- regular school day.

    Tuesday, December 14th -- 1st and 2nd period ACPs. Students report to 1st period.   **1:10 dismissal**

    Wednesday, December 15th -- 3rd and 4th period ACPs. Students report to 1st period. **1:10 dismissal**

    Thursday, December 16th -- 5th and 6th period ACPs. Students report to 5th period. **1:10 dismissal**

    Friday, December 17th -- 7th and 8th period ACPs. Students report to 5th period. **1:10 dismissal**