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    Principal-Bobby Nevels


    My name is Bobby Nevels.  I am the proud principal of Dr. Frederick Douglass Todd Sr. Middle School.  I would like to extend a special welcome to the new families joining Todd Middle School this year and welcome back all our returning families as well.  I am truly thankful and extremely honored to be your principal.

    Our vision at Todd Middle School is we build lifelong leaders, innovators and positive contributors that believe EXCELLENCE is not only the goal, but the STANDARD!  Our mission is to serve scholars by providing purposefully planned and targeted instruction, creating a culture where students thrive, surrounded by compassion, high expectations and a sense of urgency.  We will ALWAYS put the best interests of students first and our belief is that all students can learn!

    We have developed a strong educational program that addresses each child’s social, emotional and academic needs.  We have created an educational environment that will engage our students in meaningful work so that they develop the critical skills necessary to become independent, responsible and productive scholars once they leave Todd Middle School.

    My hope for this school year is that all students grow to love Todd Middle School and view our campus as a learning environment that is positive, safe, warm and caring, as well as, a place to learn and grow.