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    Dallas ISD is receiving federal stimulus dollars to help offset unexpected costs caused by the pandemic.

    The federal dollars are provided by the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) fund. ESSER is distributed as three separate programs, ESSER I, ESSER II and ESSER IIII.

    ESSER provides resources for

    • Critical one-time investments
    • Time-limited programming to respond to the pandemic
    • Innovation that can redefine student learning, acceleration and development

    Dallas ISD expects to receive a total of $784.6 million in ESSER II and ESSER IIII funds. This page focuses on ESSER II and ESSER III funds, since ESSER I funds have already been allocated and spent. Also, all allocations are subject to change.

    See Dallas ISD’s ESSER III application submitted to the Texas Education Agency

    Safe Return to In-Person Instruction (Students and Staff)

  • ESSER 1 Allocation - $61.9 Million
    ESSER 2 Expected Allocation - $241.7 Million
    ESSER 3 Expected Allocation - $542.9 Million


    Dallas ISD is investing ESSER funds in these critical areas.

  • About the focus areas

    The "Healthy Students, Healthy Schools, Healthy Community" strategy focuses on physical, mental, and emotional health.

    The "Equitable Access to Learning & Enrichment" strategy focuses on ensuring every student can fully engage with learning while also having access to outstanding enrichment opportunities.

    The "Learning Recovery & Acceleration" strategy will help mitigate learning loss caused by the pandemic.



    Within the three critical areas, Dallas ISD is using ESSER funds to support five programs.


    These are the activities that Dallas ISD is currently planning to make the largest investment with ESSER funds.


  • Next Steps

    Dallas ISD is committed to transparency as it looks to use ESSER funds to support students.

    These are the next steps in the process.

    1. Continue approval, implementation, monitoring and guidance for continuous improvement of activities through the Implementation and Improvement Committee 
    2. Finalize evaluation and progress monitoring system for the programs and activities
    3. Reach out to stakeholders for input on investment of ESSER funds

    Presentation to District Advisory Council On Nov. 9


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