• Mission Statement

    Educating all students for success through AVID, STEAM, and Social Emotional Learning.
    Through this environment, our students will be successful in secondary schools, college, career, military, and beyond.


    Kleberg unites with all stakeholders to provide innovative learning experiences to enhance the potential of all students.

    Value Statement

    Kids First, Kids Second, Kids Always



    *Each year Kleberg implements the most innovative research-based learning practices to prepare our student population with the tools to meet the ever-changing world we live in.  Every year more classroom technology is placed in the hands of children, recognizing and nurturing their technology-enriched era as well as building their intellectual capital.  We are proud of our commitment to offer our students valuable experiences and knowledge that will continue leading them on the path to career and college readiness. 

    The school staff values and strengthens its ties with parents and the community.  We firmly believe that students’ achievement will soar when all elements of the community show their support.  Throughout the year, we offer parent workshops that provide academic strategies and activities to help students.  We also host Science, Reading, Math and Social Studies Themed Nights to showcase student work as well as approach learning in a fun, out-of-the-box way.  Community organizations and businesses, such as the Kleberg Rylie Recreation Center and Public Library, collaborate with Kleberg staff to extend their services to students, parents, and school staff.

    Our holistic approach to nurture, motivate and educate is our inspiration behind offering a wide array of after-school clubs and organizations as well as evening artistic programs celebrating important events in our diverse students’ cultures. 

    At Kleberg Elementary, we make decisions with kids in mind!  Kids First, Kids Second, Kids Always