• Student Council

    Sponsor: Cathy Vernon

    The Student Council is a body of individuals who value their community, arts,education, and school spirit. All grade levels are invited to join the student council in order to create social and extra-curricular activities that promote the values and ideals of the Booker T. Washington community.

    2017 - 2018 Student Council Officers

    Sponsor, Ms. Vernon (cvernon@dallasisd.org)

    President, Demi Tomasides (demit@icloud.com)

    Vice President, Ariel Wallace

    Secretary, Karese Frizell

    Treasurer, Grace Schwall

    Historian, Abby Morales

    Parliamentarian, Madi Weems

    Reporter, Ava  Noble

    Community Service, Isabella Poscente

    Executive Officers: Alexis Farell, Maddie Siedel, Rissa Medlenka, Molly Martinez, Gabe Garcia, Kingdom Lei 



    2018 - 2019 Student Council Election Results:


    President, Madi Weems

    Vice President, Gabe Garcia

    Corresponding Secretary, Abbey Morales

    Recording Secretary, Grace Schwall

    Treasurer, Isabella Poscente

    Parliamentarian, Camryn Stafford

    Historian, Alex Travell

    Reporter, Madison Meadows

    Community Services, Anecia Forbes

    Executive Board: Towney Jordan, Jack Kalan, Macey Kanaman, Kingdom Lei, Ava Noble