• Academic Curriculum

    Anne Frank Banner The Anne Frank curriculum is a well-balanced combination of Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. The curriculum is in accordance with all state guidelines. At Anne Frank, the expectations are high and the curriculum prepares students to meet future educational challenges.

    Anne Frank takes great pride in its diverse population of students. This diversity creates an appreciation and understanding of different cultures. The cultural diversity lends itself toward easy infusion of multicultural literature and provides a constant illustration of the rich tapestry of our city present here at Anne Frank. Through music, films, plays, special programs and visits to the various area museums, teachers always stress the appreciation for cultural diversity.

    Each year, Anne Frank students participate in activities celebrating the arts, by visiting the symphony, theater, opera, and film festival, as well as, serving as host to many artists, providing students with an appreciation for the performing arts.

    Pre-kindergarten through kindergarten classes are taught in self-contained classrooms. First through fifth grade classes are "departmentalized", giving students the benefits of learning from different teachers with expertise in various subjects.

    The Special Education Program consists of Resource, Speech, and PPCD.
    Bilingual Education offers a Dual Language Program of Instruction that is coordinated with regular curriculum and the student's home language. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is an instructional program designed to meet the linguistic and academic needs of limited English proficient students.

    In addition to Math, Sciences, Langauge Arts and Social Studies, the Anne Frank student has the opportunity to participate in the following enrichment programs:

    • Art
    • Music
    • Strings & Band
    • Computer Lab
    • Science Lab
    • On-site YMCA after-school program
    • WaterTower Theater
    • Drama 
    • Speech 
    • FYI - Family Youth Interaction