• Virtual Open House

    Wednesday, December 8th from 5:00PM to 7:30PM.

    Links to the program meeting rooms are listed below.

Program Name Meeting Link
Advanced Math https://bit.ly/3Ddp663
Advanced Science https://bit.ly/3F5Lu1A
Advanced Social Science https://bit.ly/3HjUv9p
Architecture https://bit.ly/2YF6fSc
Automotive https://bit.ly/30t5AEh
Aviation https://bit.ly/3ciUHHu
Construction https://bit.ly/3HbwKQN
Cosmetology https://bit.ly/3DboygJ
Culinary Arts https://bit.ly/3wELgvw
Education & Training https://bit.ly/3Dbp0vr
Fashion https://bit.ly/3ooiBHf
Floral Design/Horticulture https://bit.ly/30pszQH
Graphic Design - Travis Ballard https://bit.ly/3kzeLKh
Graphic Design - Devon Nassif https://bit.ly/2YF7P6A
Interior Design https://bit.ly/3HrKaZ4
Photography https://bit.ly/3x96a6l
Radio, TV & Film https://bit.ly/3crxGlS
World Languages https://bit.ly/3D7vj3g
General Information - Open House https://bit.ly/3c4cRg4