• Mission

    To create a flexible, creative, safe, and inclusive environment, relevant to the learning styles of our scholars by using gamification, STEM project-based learning, and career readiness skills to build a strong 21st Century workforce.


    To inspire EXPLORERS, inventors, designers, and creators for lifelong impact now.


    Teacher Pledge

    We are here today to: 

    Spark curiosity through exploration 

    Ignite a passion for learning through outstanding learning experiences

    Amplify students’ Voice and Impact

    Unleash the unique genius in every child

    With the Purpose of elevating Humanity.


    Student Pledge  

    I  am a Dallas Hybrid Explorer

    I  believe in myself.  I  refuse to let anyone define me. 

    I  matter and I belong here. 

    I  am curious, I am a genius, I am unique.

    I  am unstoppable, a creator, a designer. 

    I am getting ready for my future now. 

    My physical and mental well-being are important to my success.

    I  can overcome my failures with grit and celebrate my wins. 

    Do more with my imagination and show leadership in everything I  do.

    I deserve the education  I get here and I respect my teachers.

    My impact is significant and together we will elevate humanity.  

    We are on a quest to be the best!