• PL Prep School Uniform Information

    Although PL Prep uniforms are mandatory, logos are not necessary. It is expected that students wear their complete school uniform on a daily basis. The uniform may include the following items:



    • Polo Shirts: White or Navy
    • Pants or Shorts: Navy or Khaki
    • Skirts or Jumpers: Navy and Khaki
    • Sweaters/ Cardigans: Navy or White
    • Plaid Jumper
    • Blue/Gold Plaid Pleated Skirt
    • Blue/Gold Plaid Tie
    • Blue/Gold Navy Zip Up Sweater
    • Navy V-Neck Sweater
    • V-Neck Sweater Vest


    Every Friday is SPIRIT DAY!

    Students can wear their normal uniform or jeans and a PL Prep shirt or college shirt.


    Please feel free to use the following links to purchase uniforms with or without logos. While you are welcome to buy uniforms from any store of your choice, we have set up online stores for your convenience at the provided links.

    Land's End Student Uniforms

    Affordable Uniforms