• E-sports Competition

    The AstroSharks E-sports team showed their gaming skills with teamwork in the 1st Virtual E-sports Competition. Congratulations to Carlos, Evan, Brayden, Jacob, Jace and Karla, they advanced into rounds during the tournament! We are so proud of all Explorers that participated!

  • VEX IQ Competition
    The Robotics Sharks Team were well prepared for their competition. Putting their designing, building, analyzing and problem solving into competition mode. We are so proud of these Explorers! Alondra, Kennedy, Nohemi and Emily, Girl Power! Also, Enio, Angel, and Christian. You all rock!

  • ACP Awards Ceremony 2021-2022
    We celebrate our Explorers their Excellent results on ACP and also our great Experience Designers for taking every child to their next level! Congratulations!