• The Dallas ISD Board of Trustees has approved the districts dress code policy that requires student uniforms for all elementary and middle school students.

    A parent or guardian may request in writing an exemption to the mandatory student uniform policy based on religious or philosophical reasons. Parents and guardians should speak with the school principal about objections to the district's board-approved, standard uniform policy.

    Uniforms are required daily at E.B. Comstock Middle School unless otherwise noted.

    Uniform Colors

    Top: 6th Graders: White ONLY

    7th Graders: Orange ONLY

    8th Graders: Black or Gray ONLY 

    Bottoms: Khaki, Black, Navy

    The approved clothing items include shirts and blouses, turtleneck and polo-style shirts, slacks and pants, skirts and jumpers, shorts and capri pants, and jackets, cardigans, and sweaters.

    Shirts, blouses, turtleneck, or polo-style shirts must have collars. Skirts, jumpers, shorts, and capri pants must be at least finger-tip length. The colors of cardigans, and sweaters must match the approved uniform colors and one additional solid color top to be determined by the campus.

    Jackets are not limited to uniform colors. They must be appropriately sized and worn over an approved uniform. They may not contain offensive slogans, symbols, or other suggestive or controversial designs.

    Students must wear athletic shoes, loafers, dress shoes, or other closed-toe, closed-heel shoes. Closed-toe and open-heel mules are allowed.

    Students MAY NOT wear coats or jackets with hoods, hats, slipper-style shoes, or masks that conceal the face inside the building.

    Free Dress Days: Free dress days will be announced in advance for all students. Student dress code in regards to vulgarity, length, and style of clothing still applies. Administrators make the final determination if a student's clothing is appropriate for the educational setting.