• For the 2022-2023 school year, Intercession will be held during the following weeks:

    September 20-23

    November 1-4

    January 18-20

    February 22-24

    June 6-9

    During the intersession weeks, select students have opportunities for more personalized attention in smaller groups, while teachers will benefit from additional planning time at the start of every intersession week. Not all students will be asked to attend the extra intersession weeks. 

    Students required to attend intercession will be notified via letter and phone call the two-weeks prior.

  • Questions & Answers


    How will I know who my child’s teachers will be? Will they be the same as during the regular school day?

    We will provide a roster for each student that confirms registration. Students will not necessarily have the same teacher as the regular school day. Schedules will be created based on which teachers.


    On top of the core subjects (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies), what sort of “specials” classes will be taught?

    Based on enrollment we will be able to provide band, PE, LCC, theater and other extracurricular activities.


    How is our school deciding which students will be selected to attend the intersession week?


    There are three ways for your child to be selected to attend intersession:


    1. Your child meets any one of the district criteria: The district requires that all students who meet at least one the following criteria be invited to intersession weeks:

      1. Students in the bottom quintile (20%) of MAP achievement or MAP growth

      2. Students scoring “Does Not Meet” on 2022 STAAR assessment

      3. 1st and 2nd year English Learners

      4. All students with IEPs or 504 plans

      5. All siblings of students who are identified by the criteria above, even if they themselves are not identified by the criteria

    2. Your child meets any one of our school criteria: Our school is also going to invite all students who meet the following criteria:

      1. EL Learners (3+ years)

    You decide to opt in: We will also hold open a certain number of seats for students who do not meet the criteria above to opt in to intersession programming. We will know exactly how much space there is for students to opt in once all students who receive an invitation confirm their attendance.


    To OPT IN- Please fill out the following form http://tiny.cc/CMSIW