School Programs and Activities

    At Celestino Mauricio Soto Jr. Elementary School, our mission is to provide a safe and engaging learning environment that encourages lifelong learning and a responsibility to the community through commitment, courage, service, and action.  CM Soto Jr. Elementary School is a school where staff and students LEAD. Listen to Understand, Express Kindness, Achieve Goals, and Demonstrate Responsibility. We offer full-day pre-kindergarten classes and a myriad of after-school programs including: basketball, soccer, art club, cheerleading, folklorico, cub scouts, girls scouts, robotics, visual arts club, running club and choir.

    The staff is committed to preparing students for college and developing well-rounded students who possess the leadership skills needed for their future endeavors. Through high academic expectations and opportunities for extracurricular activities, our students are learning skills that will help prepare them to set and meet their future goals.  Parent and community involvement is an important aspect of our school. We have a Site Based Decision-Making team, Parent's Club and partnership with the Trinity Industrial Lion's Club. Our energy and enthusiasm are a reflection of the pride we share in offering a great school, teachers, and programs to our students and their families.