• Safety Precautions for Weather Concerns:
    In the midst of tornado season, we wanted to update everyone on our safety procedures at Booker T. Washington. The safety team at BTW meets periodically and reviews our safety plan, as well as performs safety drills. We recently had a tornado drill, as well as a lock-down drill where we were able to safely and quickly move all students and staff to the school basement. We continually monitor the weather situation when warranted and our staff is prepared and trained to move our students to designated safe areas.
    In the event that we do need to move our students to the basement for severe weather, and once everyone is safe, the following procedures are in place:
    •  We will communicate via the school website, SCHOOL MESSENGER, Facebook, Twitter, SCHOOL CONNECT Smartphone App (see below for instructions), Constant Contact (newsletter), and Naviance (announcements).
    •  If we are still under the threat of severe weather at dismissal, we will hold students here in the building until the weather clears.
    •  Please DO NOT call us unless it is necessary. We are managing the weather, the students and communication and as always - student safety is our ONLY priority!
    •  If you arrive during severe weather, or are in the building, for EVERYONE'S safety we will not let you or your student leave and will send you to the basement as well.