Counseling Services

  • The mission of Dallas Independent School District’s Counseling Services is to sustain an effective counseling and guidance program that encourages social and academic growth while challenging students to become independent thinkers and responsible citizens.

    Counseling Overview

    Professional school counselors attend to student issues and concerns, enabling students to focus on learning and academic achievement.  Professional school counselors must provide a systematic, planned approach for helping all students acquire the skills necessary for successful academic, career, social, and emotional development. In addition, Texas law requires school counselors to deliver guidance lessons and appropriate interventions. The Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program (TEC, 33.005) integrates four key components:


    Guidance Curriculum

    School counselors teach ALL students basic life skills identified as essential for academic and personal success:

    • Self-confidence
    • Motivation to achieve
    • Decision-making, goal-setting, planning, and problem-solving skills
    • Communication skills
    • Cross-cultural effectiveness
    • Responsible behavior

    Individual Academic Planning

    School counselors help students transition, plan, and manage their educational and career plans:

    • Academic counseling
    • Vanguard, academy, and magnet school applications
    • TAG placement
    • Four-year plans
    • Course selections
    • AP placement
    • Senior interviews

    Responsive Services

    School counselors assist students with immediate personal concerns, crises, or problems that may be challenges to academic success:

    • Short-term individual counseling
    • Small group counseling
    • Academic concerns
    • School-related concerns

    System Support

    School counselors coordinate many programs designed to support students and families:

    • Referrals to MTSS
    • Parent education workshops
    • Teacher/administrator consultation
    • Staff development for educators

    Counseling Services supports counselors and administrators in implementing high quality counseling programs that promote student achievement through:

    Higher Education Initiatives:

    • Assist counselors in developing a college-going culture in the school
    • Conduct Senior Records Review for accuracy
    • Provide information and resources on FASFA, college applications, scholarships, SAT/ACT exams
    • Provide specific training on graduation requirements, dual credit, AP, Advanced Measures, course planner, etc.

    Coordinating Districtwide Events/Initiatives:

    • Districtwide College Fair
    • Texas Scholars College Fair
    • Own the Turf – College Career Conference
    • Student Handbook
    • Anti-Bullying Prevention Program

    Crisis Intervention Services:

    • Respond to crises as requested
    • Provide training on bullying, internet safety, suicide and violence risk assessments, and the reporting process
    • Help counselors access resources and services for students and families

    Counseling Program Development Services: 

    • Provide resources to monitor the progress of students who are at risk
    • Provide guidance lessons to ensure that the state mandates are provided for all students
    • Promote positive relations with the community concerning counselor efforts