The Adventures & Beyond Club and the Elite Teen Club are afterschool programs that are curriculum-based. Students will engage in hands-on extracurricular activities that will promote positive relationships, critical thinking skills, & build academic enrichment that will help close the achievement gap.

    Tutoring Program
    Teachers will offer tutoring and enrichment opportunities.   The purpose of tutoring is to provide students with additional test taking strategies as well as the development of skills that the students are lacking as evidenced by the District Benchmark tests and other formative measures.
    2022 - 2023 Campus Clubs and Enrichment Activities

    ABC Club – Adventures and Beyond Club – After School Club


    Academic UIL Club – University Interscholastic League Club


    Ambassador Club – Exemplary Students selected to represent our Runyon Campus.


    Art Club – A club for learning, practicing and creating art.


    Arts & Crafts Club – A club that makes household objects into works of art.


    Book Club – A Club that reads and discusses the same book at the same time.


    Boys Scouting Club – Instills a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging & service.


    Chess Club – Formed for the purpose of learning and practicing the game of Chess.


    Choir – Visual and performing Arts Club


    Coding Club – Formed for the purpose of learning and practicing computer coding skills.


    Coloring/ Beyond Crayons Club – Coloring to relieve stress and improve fine motor skills.


    Destination Imagination – A Creativity and Problem Solving Club


    Etiquette Club – Manners and Citizenship Club


    Faith Based Club – Young Life – Guidance, Service and Leadership Club


    Fitness Club – Club promotes making healthy lifestyle choices and fitness.


    French Club – Language and Cultural Enrichment Club


    Kindness Club – Club spreads kindness with projects that better our school.


    Lego Club – Club engages innovative thinkers with engineering and design challenges.


    Makerspace Club – A collaborative club to make and design projects.


    Math Club -  Club that plays games with Math, creates art with Math, solves puzzles with Math.


    Mentoring Club – Providing  support, guidance, fellowship and leadership to Runyon students.


    Modern Oratory/Speech Club  – Club develops oratory and writing skills.


    Readers’ Theatre – Club reads scripts combining reading practice and performing arts.


    Recycling Club/ Green Team – Club promotes environmental awareness and recycling.


    Running Club/Walking Club – Students work on form, fitness and stamina.


    Safety Patrol – A club of responsible students who help keep the school safe.


    School Musical & Theatrical Productions  - Staged productions for special events.


    Show Choir – Visual and Performing Arts – selected students!


    Student Council  - Voice of the student body,  service and leadership club.


    Soccer Club –  Members scrimmage & practice skills and drills.  Follow the FIFA World Cup.


    Technology/Computer Club – Students utilize computers effectively with design challenges.


    Wellness/Meditation Club – Members practice strategies to promote emotional wellbeing.


    Zumba -  A fitness program inspired by Latin American dance.