Mrs. Telisha S. Swan
    Name:Mrs. Telisha S. Swan 
    Don't Meet Me there  beat there, →Room: #150 1st Floor 
    Color: Purple 
    Candy: Reeses
    Things to do: shopping reading (romance)
    Sit down restaurant:Eddy V's
    Scents: Rose and Ivy candles
    Foods: greens and cornbread 
    Enough about what my favorites are.
    ↓The important stuff ↓
    Biology Teacher
    2014 Graduate of Thee Mississippi Valley State University (The Oasis of the Delta)
    Singing the Biology Blues Since 2022
    email: teswan@dallasisd.org
    Class Schedule
    Monday &Wednesday 
    Advisory 9:00am- 9:50am
    1st period  - 9:50-11:15 (planning period)
    2nd period- 11:20- 1:05
    Lunch - 1:05- 1:35
    3rd period- 1:40-3:05 
    4th period- 3:10- 4:30
    Tuesdays & Thursdays
    Advisory 9:00am-9:50
    5th period 9:55-11:15
    6th period 11:20-1:05
    7th period 1:05-3:05 (lunch & planning period)
    8th period 3:05-4:30 
    Fridays Schedule alternate A to B then B to A
    Google Classroom Codes 
    2nd period: nk2vhsp
    3rd period: 5qsty6o
    4th period: oz3bzry
    5th period: c3dbg7o
    6th period: m2limqu
    8th period: hzvyi4g
    Conference Times are Available Upon Request
    Tutoring times are by schedule only