• Billie Kerl Roberts Choir


    Choir meets: 3:15pm-4:30pm  Tuesdays and Wednesdays


    The Billie Kerl Roberts Choir is a combination choir with students from both Paul L.Dunbar Learning Center and Charles Rice Learning Center

     Lead By: Mrs. Carolyn Donnell and Mrs. Sims

    The music program at P.L. Dunbar Learning Center is an inclusive opportunity to experience the love for learning through the art of music to include all core subjects: reading, writing, science, math, and social studies. This program encapsulates an extended opportunity for students to delve into their musical talents while embracing their unique gift in pursuit of applying music as a part of memorization, listening, performing and goal setting. This program allows students to work cooperatively in attaining goals while incorporating a skill set reflective of classroom studies as a segue into a musical career. This program's goals and objectives are not just beneficial to our school, but also enriches the community and the world abroad. I have had the pleasure of working with other children from Region IV for performances and competitions. Over the last six years, the P. L. Dunbar and Rice choir were awarded first place in the Parade of Choirs annual competition. Collaborating with my peers and combining our choirs has afforded us the opportunity to travel to Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Georgia and Las Vegas to showcase our talents and perform with other prestigious choirs around the nation. In addition, since 2018, The P. L. Dunbar Choir performs with premier high school and middle school choirs for The Black Academy of Arts and Letters spring and winter concerts. We've been on an exciting musical journey and look forward to what the future brings.