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    All students are expected to adhere to the policies and rules of the campus they attend. A dress code has been established by our school and requires that students dress in appropriate attire during school and at all school sponsored events. Some students have mentioned their lack of proper clothes or access to a uniform on several occasions. If this is the case for your student, please reach out to our counselor or assistant principal. We are a community and will do what we can to help you and The Dallas Independent School District has provided the following information to this regard:


    The District shall require all students prekindergarten–grade 8 to follow a standardized dress code. All clothing must adhere to the standards set out below. Principals, working in consultation with the site-based decision-making (SBDM) committee, Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and administrative staff, have discretion to add additional color or pieces to the list of approved items, provided they comply with the 90-day rules and the exemption guidelines outlined in FNCA(LEGAL). The items added are optional and shall not be required.


    The District shall not require specific brands of clothing. The items listed in the APPROPRIATE ATTIRE FOR PRE-K–GRADE 8 STUDENTS category call for general clothing items with common color selections so that what is appropriate at one school is also appropriate at another. Each student in prekindergarten–grade 8 shall follow the standardized dress code unless his or her parent or guardian has filed an objection as provided in FNCA(LEGAL) and (REGULATION).


    As is conducive with district policy, the following attire is the APPROVED attire for all Dealey Middle Montessori and Vanguard Academy students at this time. If you do not have these items, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may assist you:


    Monday - Thursday:

    • Polo shirt with collar - Dealey/royal blue, solid black, or solid white 

    • Pants or knee-length shorts - solid khaki, solid black, solid navy - NO ATHLETIC PANTS, yoga pants, leggings, sportswear, or sweatpants

    • Skirts (knee-length) - solid khaki, solid black, solid blue

    •  No wearing hoods on hoodies. Collars must be visible at all times. Sweaters and jackets may be worn over a proper polo shirt. Students may be asked to remove jackets for uniform checks.



    • Dealey “spirit” shirt with Jeans

    • Spirit Shirts are to be worn only on Fridays


    Concerning gym attire

    All students need to change out of their PE clothing during the time allotted in your PE classes. Please remember that while you are in your PE classes, you will abide by the expectations of Coach Connaughton. Once the class is over, however, you are expected to be back in dress code. 


    If you have any questions or concerns about the uniform protocol, please refer to our Student Handbook for more details, which can be found in our Dealey Family Handbook.


    The Dallas ISD School Uniforms visual brochure can be found here: DISD Uniform Brochure. 

    If you need assistance with acquiring uniforms, here are some helpful links. Please let our counselors know or visit Dallas ISD's Uniform Assistance Program.