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    About ASP

    Housed within the high school, the Academic Success Program is hired directly by school districts to provide professional comprehensive college counseling to high school students in 9th through 12th grades.  Throughout its 20 year history, ASP has been recognized both nationally and statewide as a top program in education by the National College Access Network, National Education Association, the National Education Board in Washington, D.C., the Texas Education Agency, and the Texas Association of School Administrators. While these are impressive achievements, ASP’s focus is to do more than help students gain admission and scholarships to attend college; the ultimate goal of ASP is to change students’ lives and their communities.

    By staying focused on individual students and trends in the college admissions process, ASP enjoys tremendous success.  Students who would not otherwise have considered going to college are able to attend the top colleges and universities with 100% of their financial needs met.  Many ASP students have been accepted to (and graduated from!) the top universities throughout the United States, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Chicago, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, Wellesley, Boston College, Brandeis, Bowdoin, Colgate, The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, and many other colleges and universities throughout out the country.  As of Spring 2021, there are more than 6,200 ASP Scholars enrolled in colleges and universities across the United States and abroad.

    ASP is more than a college application assistance program. ASP works with students at every level to prepare them to be college-ready by graduation. At the core of every ASP high school campus is the ASP College Advisor, a full-time expert that tailors the program to the needs of individual campuses.  With the direction, mentoring, and motivation of the ASP College Advisor, students begin preparing for college as early as the 9th grade.  Students and families receive personalized college guidance based on their family’s needs, SAT/ACT preparation and registration assistance, parent meetings, writing workshops and college essay assistance, professional resume assistance, college interview seminars, college field trips, and financial aid workshops. At every step of the way, the ASP College Advisor is there to help the students navigate the labyrinth that is today’s college admissions process. Generally, this type of personal attention can only be had by the wealthiest of students at the best private schools. ASP makes it possible for all students to receive the same attention at no cost to the student.