• What is the Site-Based Decision Making (SDBM) Committee?
    Texas statute requires every public school in Texas to have an SBDM.  SEM's SBDM is comprised of the campus Principal, 4 teachers/school staff, and 4 parents, 3 of which are elected by the parents, and one appointed by the Principal.
    The Principal is responsible for and makes final decisions on the instructional and operational functions of the campus.  The SBDM acts as an advisory board to the Principal and is a partner in helping the school achieve success.  The primary role of the SBDM is to work with the Principal in the development, execution, monitoring progress of the Campus Needs Assessment/Campus Improvement Plan
    Other areas of focus include, but are not limited to:
    Academic progress;
    Safety and Security;
    Diversity, equity, and inclusion;
    Ensuring community health and well-being;  
    Supporting the middle school recruiting initiatives.
    SBDM is a great opportunity to get directly involved in helping SEM achieve great outcomes for our students and families.
    Meetings & Minutes
      1. Wednesday, August 23 - 5:30pm, 
      2. Wednesday, September 20 - 5:30pm
      3. Wednesday, November 16 - 5:30pm | canceled
      4. Wednesday, January 10, 2024 - 5:30pm | Q1 CIP Review - NEW date
      5. Wednesday, March 20 - 5:30pm | Q2 CIP Review
      6. Wednesday, April 17 - 5:30pm
      7. Wednesday, May 15 - 5:30pm | Q3 CIP (Estimate) Review
    2023-2024 Membership



    Community Member

    Chris Peters, Chair

    Julie Carver

    Vincent Parker/ John Wilson

    Parthi Natarajan, Vice Chair

    Jose Gonzalez

    Alaina Livingston, Secretary

    Guy Hoyle

    Questions:  Please contact SEM.SBDM.Chair@gmail.com or SEM.SBDM.Officers@gmail.com