Graduation 2015

    High School Graduation and an Associate's Degree

    At Garza Early College High School, students are able to earn up to 60 hours of dual credit towards an Associate's Degree so that they may graduate from high school and community college in four years.  Earning an Associate's degree requires tenacity and perseverance!  Students who work hard will find success at Garza ECHS taking full advantage of all that the community college offers.
    High School Counselors:  Jazmin Greenwood, Lead Counselor, and Monica Crawford

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    College Entry Exams 
     Most colleges require either the SAT or ACT for admission.Almost all of our seniors are TSI (Texas Success Inititiative) ready.


    College Access Program

    The Academic Success Program (ASP) provides Ms. Nicole Daniels to our campus as a college access partner who assists students with college planning and scholarship applications.  

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