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  • You can visit Levines for uniforms- Puede visitar la tienda Levines para sus uniformes


    Levines - 511 Jefferson Blvd Dallas, TX. 75208
    Socorro Dismore



    • Khaki Colored Slacks, Capris, Shorts (Knee Level)
    • For safety and security issues, students are not allowed to wear cargo pants/shorts or have any cuffing.
    • No jeggings, spandex, or tight clothing 
    • No sagging pants


    • No open toe shoes, sandals or crocs.

    Sweaters & Jackets:

    • Logos must be an inch or smaller. Zippers must zip all the way down or button up. NO HOODIES WILL BE ALLOWED. 


    • Clear plastic or mesh backpack only. Backpacks out of compliance will be taken up to maintain school safety.

    ID Badges:

    • Students MUST wear their ID badges every day. All students will be issued an ID badge at the start of the year free of charge. Temporary or replacement ID badges can be purchased at the main office.


    • No earrings for boys, no facial piercings for all
    • No shaved or lines eyebrows
    • No pencil sharpeners
    • No Permanent markers, sharpies, or marker pens
    • No glass containers including perfume or cologne
    • No soft drinks
    • No candy
    • All water bottles must be empty unless it is a new water bottle with unbroken seal
    • Phone cases need to be clear see through
    • No sprays or aerosols. Deodorant must be sticks.
    • No gaming devices