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    Program Overview

    The Legal Studies program introduces CTE learners to the occupations and educational opportunities related to representing clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal proceedings, assisting lawyers, and preparing legal documents. This program of study explores possible specializations in a single area of law.

    Skyline Magnet High School

    MISSION: As America's 1st Magnet High School, we are building a legacy of leaders by graduating every scholar, college, career, or military-ready. 
    VISION: Skyline will be the premier career development center in the nation.
    Dallas ISD’s Career and Technical Education 
    Dallas ISD’s Career and Technical Education Department’s vision is to support innovative CTE programs that prepare individuals to succeed in their education and careers and poise them to flourish in a global, dynamic economy through leadership, advocacy, and partnerships. We are dedicated to helping graduates prepare for a career field where they will earn a living wage that offers advancement and lifelong learning opportunities.