• Debate Club: Debate Club is an extracurricular activity where students engage in structured argumentation and public speaking. Students learn to research and discuss various topics, develop persuasive arguments, and improve their communication skills.

    Chess Club: Chess Club offers students the opportunity to learn and play chess, a strategy-based board game. Students enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills by studying different chess strategies and competing against peers.

    Esports Club: Esports Club focuses on competitive video gaming. Students gather to play and compete in popular video games. The club encourages teamwork, communication, and strategy development while fostering a sense of sportsmanship in the digital gaming realm.

    Community Service Club: Community Service Club engages students in volunteer work and community projects. Members contribute to improving their local community through initiatives like fundraising, organizing events, and participating in service activities that benefit others.

    Student Leadership Club: Student Leadership Club focuses on developing leadership skills and empowering students to take on leadership roles within their school and community. Members learn about effective communication, teamwork, goal-setting, and problem-solving to make a positive impact.

    Cheer Team and Dance Team: The cheer and dance teams promote school spirit and perform at various school events. Students learn choreographed routines, improve their coordination, and showcase their skills through energetic performances during sports games and school assemblies.

    Morning Announcement Team: The Morning Announcement Team is responsible for delivering daily announcements to the school. Students gain experience in public speaking, communication, and organization while keeping the school informed about news, events, and important information.

    Girl Scouts: Girl Scouts is a youth organization that promotes personal growth and community service among girls. Members engage in activities that encourage leadership, skill-building, and character development while participating in community service projects and earning badges.