• debate

    Mr. Duberry is the debate coach leading activities in which students engage in structured discussions or arguments about a specific topic or issue. It is designed to help students develop their critical thinking, communication, research, and public speaking skills. 

    1. Format: The Dragon debate team typically follows a structured format, which may vary but often includes the following components:

      • Introduction: Each debate begins with an introduction of the topic and the teams (affirmative and negative) who will argue for or against the topic.
      • Constructive Speeches: Each team takes turns delivering constructive speeches where they present their main arguments and evidence to support their position. These speeches are typically around 3-5 minutes long.
      • Cross-Examination: After each constructive speech, there may be a cross-examination period where the opposing team can ask questions to clarify the speaker's points.
      • Rebuttal Speeches: Following the constructive speeches, both teams deliver rebuttal speeches where they respond to the arguments presented by the other team.
      • Closing Statements: Each team concludes the debate with closing statements summarizing their main points and persuasively restating their position.
      • Judges' Decision: A panel of judges typically evaluates the debate and declares a winner based on the quality of arguments, evidence, and presentation.