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    Ms. Lambert and Ms. Hunter are the sponsors for student council.

    Leadership and Representation: Student council consists of a group of elected or appointed students who serve as representatives of their peers. These students take on leadership roles and work together to voice the opinions and concerns of the student body to school administrators, teachers, and staff.

    Officers and Roles: The student council typically has a structure that includes various officer positions, such as a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and other roles as needed. Each officer has specific responsibilities, such as presiding over meetings, managing finances, or overseeing various projects and initiatives.

    Student councils are responsible for organizing and executing a variety of projects and activities that benefit the school and its students. These initiatives can include fundraisers, community service projects, school spirit events, and awareness campaigns.

    Building School Spirit: Student council often focus on fostering a sense of unity and school spirit within the student body. They organize events like pep rallies, spirit weeks, and homecoming activities to create a positive and engaging school environment.