Spanish Dual Language Program at Alex Sanger Preparatory

  • Our K-5 Spanish Dual Language Program at Alex Sanger Preparatory School offers a unique and enriching educational experience that seamlessly integrates Spanish language learning with core academic subjects. This program begins with a full Spanish immersion in kindergarten, where 90% of the day is devoted to core subjects taught exclusively in Spanish. This immersive approach provides our youngest learners with a deep dive into the language, enhancing their linguistic abilities and cultural understanding from an early age. The remaining 10% of the day is dedicated to specials, including art, music, physical education, dance, theater, and library time, which are conducted in English. This balanced approach ensures that students develop proficiency in both languages while enjoying a diverse and engaging curriculum.

    Our reading curricula, Amplify and Amplify Spanish, are grounded in the science of teaching reading, incorporating phonics and knowledge-building to develop proficient and enthusiastic readers. Eureka Math, our chosen mathematics curriculum, expertly balances conceptual understanding with procedural fluency, ensuring students not only understand mathematical concepts but can also apply them effectively.

    As students advance to first grade, the program evolves to include 70% of instruction in Spanish, with the remaining 30% in English, specifically for math instruction. This shift acknowledges the growing complexity of academic content and the need for a more balanced bilingual education. By the time students reach second grade, the program achieves an equitable 50/50 split, with English instruction focusing on reading and math, and Spanish covering reading, science, and social studies. This structure continues through fifth grade, ensuring students develop strong bilingual skills and academic proficiency in both languages. Our K-5 Spanish Dual Language Program is designed to empower students with the linguistic and cultural tools necessary for success in a globalized world, laying a solid foundation for future academic and personal achievements.