• Unexcused absences may be eligible to be corrected. If they are not corrected in a timely manner, parents will be required in truancy and potentially face time and financial consequences, even if the unexcused absence is recorded by mistake or not corrected by you.

    Several factors may contribute for the unusually high numbers of unexcused absences:

    • Teachers left blank attendance.

    • Teachers mark students absent/present/tardy and made a mistake. An attendance correction must be made the following day using the link: Attendance Correction Form
    • Teacher attendance corrections are not processed in a systematic and timely fashion, resulting in truancy filing.

    • Campus verification of student access to technology and teacher communication has not been systematically implemented to identify technology issues or potential non-enrollment.

    Immediate intervention plan:

    1. Teachers must complete attendance as: OC, RAE or U. Never leave blank.

    2. Discuss in PLC meetings to review attendance policy and procedures

    3. Ms. Rosas daily monitors teacher unsubmitted attendance and corrective action when any submitted attendance continues.

    4. Ms. Gonzalez and Mr. Lopez (counselors) are monitoring daily unexcused absences and contacting families. When contact is not possible, counselors and APs conduct home visit.

    5. Teachers continue using the parent contact log from parent conferences for learners who do not demonstrate learning engagement.

    6. Teachers must contact Admin and Counselors via email with student initials and ID number (for example, AI 1234567) and specifying what the issues have been before too many unexcused absences, as well what solutions the teacher has offered to provide context.